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There is no denying that technology has solidified its presence in education, revolutionizing how students learn.  Long gone are those messy chalkboards and piles of paper.   Staff AV can provide you with the most current cost efficient technology that can captivate students of any classroom.  From auditoriums to classrooms; gymnasiums and sporting facilities, Staff AV can provide you with all your aural and visual needs on a school friendly budget.

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Whether it’s the music from the praise band or the words from the pulpit, it needs to be SEEN and HEARD.  Many churches need to update their systems while carefully considering the look and feel of their Sanctuary.  Whether it’s a traditional or contemporary service, Staff AV can provide user-friendly audio and visual for all ages.


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Commercial AV

Take a look around the world today and you’ll notice a common trend...people looking down.  With the advancement of mobile technology, people are equipped with endless entertainment at their fingertips – taking attention away from your business and your product.

Captivate your customers with new AV technology that will keep their ears open and their eyes on you!